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Spring in Japan

This hall contains spirit tablets of believers and head monks in the past (Photo: Masayoshi Hirose)

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Spring heralds the arrival of the cherry blossom and warmer weather in Japan.

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Tendo Sakura Matsuri

Tendo Sakura Matsuri

Celine Ong

Known for the famous Ningen Shogi (Human Chess) event, the Tendo Sakura Matsuri is an annual spring festival held in Tendo Cit..

Tendo Ningen Shogi

Tendo Ningen Shogi

Mid Apr

Tendo Ningen Shogi is a “Human Chess” event that occurs every April in the city of Tendo, Yamagata. Set under rows of blooming..

Yamagata 2 Free
Koinobori Festa 1000

Koinobori Festa 1000

Late Apr - Early May

On May 5th, cities and villages throughout hold koinobori (carp-streamers) festivals in celebration of Children’s Day, a day t..

Osaka 6 Free
Hina Festival Opening Parade

Hina Festival Opening Parade

Feb 11th - Apr 3rd

Yanagawa's Hina Festival Opening Parade brings the figurines of Girls' Day to life.

Fukuoka 4
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