Spring in Japan


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Spring heralds the arrival of the cherry blossom and warmer weather in Japan.

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On May 5th, cities and villages throughout hold koinobori (carp-streamers) festivals in celebration of Children’s Day, a day to wish all children happy health. If you’re in the Osaka area, or even Kyoto, and you’re keen to join in on the family fun, Takatsuki hosts a koinobori festa from April 25 - May 5.
Spring Tulip Festival Yokohama Park, Flowers everywhere at Yamashita and Harbor View Parks.
Gorgeous 'Cascading Cherry Tree Blossom Festival' at idyllic Takeda Village nestled under the mountains of Sakai City in Fukui prefecture.
Beautiful cherry blossoms decorating Fukui Castle Ruins in spring. If you are lucky, you can view them with snow-capped mountains in the background!
Yanagawa's Hina Festival Opening Parade brings the figurines of Girls' Day to life.
Large tulip beds, a rhododendron exhibition, and 500 cherry trees and 70 different species make Kyoto Botanical Gardens a great place to visit in spring.
The Dogo Spring Festival is held for 3 days from around 19 Mar. Events include parades in historical costumes, geisha games and omikoshi shrines carried by local women.
The oyster festival on Miyajima island is held each year in february during oyster season, if you love sea food this festival is a must!