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Asahi Funagawa Spring Quartet 2025

Quadruple the beauty in Toyama Prefecture

Venue: Funagawa River, Shimoshinkawa-gun, Toyama Prefecture When: Early - Mid Apr 2025

In the late 1950s, 280 Yoshino cherry trees spanning over a kilometer were planted along the banks of the Funagawa River in Toyama Prefecture. The region is also a popular spot for other blooms like colorful tulips and vibrant yellow nanohana, and the backdrop of the snow-capped Japanese Alps adds to the overall beauty.

The Asahi Funagawa Spring Quartet event runs for two weeks during April, and it's a real celebration of the season. On the evening of April 8th from 7pm until 9pm, bonfires will also be lit along the riverbank to illuminate the sakura trees.

Admission to the event is free of charge.

Getting there

The event takes place along the banks of the Funagawa River in Shimoshinkawa-gun, Toyama Prefecture. The general area can be accessed in around 10 minutes by taxi from either Tomari Station or Nyuzen Station (Ainokaze Toyama Railway line).

For those who opt to drive, the venue is right by the Asahi IC on the Hokuriku Expressway.

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