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Japan Rail Pass from JRailPass.com

Japan Rail Pass from JRailPass.com

D​iscover Japan with only one ticket in hand ­ the Japan Rail Pass. Combining the country's national rail lines the Shinkansen bullet trains as well as selected bus and ferry services, the Japan Rail Pass has become everything and the only thing you will need for your trip to the Land of the Rising Sun.

Tokyo Station

The photo story explores various aspects of the newly renovated Tokyo Station - from its traditional western architectural style to packs of busy commuters.

The Shinkansen Experience

Take a speedy trip around Japan on a JR Shinkansen. Comfortable and quick, this is a far superior way to travel around the country than by plane (and more fun, at that!)

Kansai Airport to Shin Osaka

If money is not an issue, the fastest way from Kansai Airport to Shin Osaka is Japan Rail (JR)’s Haruka limited express. It takes 51 Minutes with no transfers for the 60.8 km trip.