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Bullet Train Guide to East Japan

Bullet Train Guide to East Japan

Vicky Amin

Shinkansen or the Bullet Trains are the best and fastest means of transportation... planning to explore the Tohoku or Nagano regions of East Japan, then the Bullet

Tazawako Station 10

Tazawako Station

Hannah Bambra

a large tourist information centre with a modern roof and a exterior built... Shinkansen bullet trains as well as slower local trains serve this station

Akita 1
Tokyo Station 9

Tokyo Station

Takane Shoji

you go through the ticket gate and head off to your destination; the train... At the heart of every global city lies a central station whose train tracks

Tokyo 2
Kansai Airport to Shin Osaka

Kansai Airport to Shin Osaka

Bonson Lam

There are no bullet trains from Kansai Airport to Shin Osaka.... The first train from the Airport is 6:30am and the last train is at 10: