Fantastic Hashigui Rocks: Wakayama

Majestic landscape in the southernmost town of Honshu

By Masayoshi Hirose    - 1 min read

Once upon a time, Kobo Daishi, also known as Kukai, competed with Amanojaku (a demon-like creature) in building a bridge connecting the shore to a nearby island. The one who could build it first before dawn came would win. Amanojaku, who realized he couldn't beat Kobo Daishi, made the sound of a cock crowing in the morning to deceive Kobo Daishi. Tricked, Kobo-Daishi thought he lost the competition, and left without finishing the bridge. And his unfinished bridge IS the Hashigui Rocks you are looking at right now! (well, this is what they say anyway) The magnificent view of the sunrise in the morning seen through these rocks takes your breath away. When you go westward from Hashigui Rocks, you'll reach Shiono Point. You can see the curved horizon from here without anything blocking your view. The sunset here is also a must-see sight to behold.

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Takako Sakamoto

Takako Sakamoto @takako.sakamoto

I was born in and grew up in Tokushima prefecture, and have lived in many places since then: Nishinomiya, Kyoto, Nara, Mie, Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba, Fukuoka and Fukui. I am currently living in Yokohama City. All the places I lived, all the places I visited, I have loved dearly. The historical places where people lived, loved, suffered, and fought - places where I can still hear their heartbeats - mesmerize me. I'd like to retrace the footsteps of the people who lived in Japan a long long time ago, and introduce to you what they left behind on this soil.  

Original by Masayoshi Hirose