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Chikeiken's Hidden Treasures

Hatori weaving on cold winter days in a "fruit village"

Mrs. Chonan is the owner of Chikeiken farmers' restaurant but what is not apparent at first sight: she is also a very skilled hatori weaver and her works are pieces of art. Sometimes she invites guests at the restaurant to the backroom where she is doing the weaving. Just look at her wand scrolls. The Buddha in one of the scrolls looks so real; the longer you look, the more you feel like the deity is going to come alive any moment. Mrs. Chonan is weaving about 1 cm per day and it takes her about six months to complete one scroll. She produces the raw materials for the threads herself together with a group of locals who grow silk worms. The Chonan's are farmers in a so-called "fruit village" at the foot of the Dewa Sanzan mountains. Fruit trees and farm land dominate the landscape during the warm seasons but in winter masses of snow coat this village in a white, icy cloak. This is the ideal season for Mrs. Chonan to concentrate on her craft.

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