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Gyokusen-ji Temple

Gyokusen-ji Temple

Justin Velgus

Gyokusenji is a temple at the base of Dewa Sanzan (three sacred peaks) in Yamagata prefecture. Built in 1251, it is synonymous..


About Tsuruoka

Designated a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy, Tsuruoka lays claim to a diverse food culture thanks to the blessings of abundant nature that can be found here in west Yamagata along the Shōnai plain. As Yamagata’s second largest city, Tsuruoka is also considered a popular gateway from which to access Dewa Sanzan—comprising the 3 mountains of Mt Haguro, Mt Gassan and Mt Yudono. The sacred area sees many visitors embark on a pilgrimage to climb each mountain, where they may encounter local Yamabushi and their traditional cuisine of Shojin Ryori.