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As the Three-Legged Crow Flies

Haguro-san of the Dewa Sanzan

Haguro-san, located in Yamagata Prefecture, is one of the three sacred mountains known as the Dewa Sanzan. Yamabushi, the followers of the Shugendo religion, visit Haguro in pilgrimage, but the mountain attracts visitors of all kinds year-round.If you need a spiritual recharge or are just looking for an easy, beautiful hike, Haguro-san is a great place to visit.

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Rashaad Jorden 8 years ago
Did you ever do the Ishidan Marathon? My first Ishidan Marathon was the first time I ever climbed Mount Haguro - and it was a fun day... well, other than the fact I faded terribly at the end. But it was a magical day.

Did you narrate the video?
Kristin Osani Videographer 8 years ago
I made the whole thing from scratch haha :)
Anonymous 8 years ago
Wonderful video, so much history there! The Pagoda is a fantastic piece of architecture and the trees that surround it are amazing! Very cool that you can get vegetarian buddhist meals at the top and the view is stunning!
Kristin Osani Videographer 8 years ago
Yeah, Haguro is one of my favorite places to go in Yamagata. :)

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