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Lover's Sanctuary at Kaminoyama

A romantic observation deck to renew your love

The observation deck half way up Mt. Hanasaki in Kaminoyama is known as a Lover's Sanctuary (恋人の聖地​). It is one of a number of romantic locations across Japan set up by an NPO by the same name. Great for a date or a peaceful place in general.

Bring a lock and write a message to "lock" in your love, ring the "bell of happiness", or just enjoy the great view day or night 319 meters above sea level. If you don't mind narrow mountain roads, you can drive to the sanctuary to use one of the free four parking spots. Otherwise, it is a 30 minute walk from the entrance of the mountain path. You can also enjoy a picnic using the tables set up on the deck. There are hiking trails all around with a shrine a ten minute walk further up the mountain. 

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