Kikuya Family Residence, Hagi Town

Former samurai quarters in the middle of a serene town

By Jerome Lee    - 1 min read

People in the know of Japanese culture would have definitely heard of samurais, the noble military men of medieval and early-modern Japan. They are the warriors who stand tall in war during the Japan of old, and even today you have to admit that their armour exudes a good amount of bad-assery. A tiny bout of excitement filled me as I was informed of the Kikuya Residence, an important cultural property in historically rich Hagi town of Yamaguchi prefecture, which once belonged to the Kikuya family, samurais-turned-merchants who were revered for their past contributions to Hagi and its inhabitants.

Aside from the fact that the Kikuya residence belonged to a former samurai family, it is considered the most impressive amongst all the old residences in Hagi town, due to the contrast that is its avant-garde interior design and its long history. The residence has now been converted into a tourist attraction, with around 5000 artifacts from the Edo period. Also it retains its breathtaking gardens, some of the most beautiful ever seen. JapanTravel takes a look inside the residence.

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