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Katsunuma Marquis Winery

The oldest existing winery in Japan

Marquis (Maruki) Winery, is the oldest existing winery in Japan. In 1877, Ryunori Tsuchiya and Masanaga Takano were among the first Japanese to travel to France to master wine making techniques. Upon returning home, Tsuchiya took over a brewery where the new technology was launched and in 1891 the winery was established. The grapes, which are the most important raw material of wine, are grown and nurtured in Katsunuma, and then transported to other parts of Japan. This winery also is unique in that it keeps sheep to help with the wine making. They freely roam the fields under the vines, digging up the ground surface while eating any weeds that are visible to them.

On the first floor of the winery you are able to taste a variety of wine (there is free and paid tastings), and then you can purchase your favorites. The second floor is where large group tour tastings take place. If you wish to take a tour of the winery, you are must make a reservation in advance online.

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