Kofu Valley's Herb & Rose Garden

A gorgeous oasis in Yamanashi Prefecture

By Naomi Isaka    - 2 min read

The Herb Teien Tabinikki, called the 'Herb & Rose Garden' in English, is located in the Kofu area of Yamanashi. It is a garden that offers breathtaking scenery in all four seasons of the year. There are currently 200 different kinds of herbs that are growing on this site. You will be blown away at the beauty of this garden and will be enticed by all of the wonderful floral scents that fill the area.

There are designated spots throughout the garden indicating where the best photos can be taken, although a picture does not do justice for the lovely scenery found here. The vast array of herbs that are raised here are used for a variety of purposes, both edible and medicinal, and in the making of cosmetics. Whatever purpose they are intended for, products for purchase can be sampled in the gift area of the on-site store or in various spots within the garden itself. There is also a cafe terrace, where you can sit and enjoy herb tea and snacks while basking in the beautiful oasis that surrounds you. The cafe also sells delicious soft serve ice cream in the flavors of vanilla, lavender, or a mix of the two.

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