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Kozantei Ubuya

Top class Ryokan in Kawaguchiko

Kozantei Ubuya is a top class ryokan in the Lake Kawaguchiko area. Ideally located on the North end of Lake Kawaguchi, this traditional Japanese Onsen has the grandest views of Mt. Fuji including the entirety of Lake Kawaguchi for optimum viewing. A quiet morning with still waters on the lake provides the perfect opportunity for catching sight of "Mirror Fuji." The hotel is well situated for walking south around the lake or heading north to the Kawaguchiko Museum of Art where there are a variety of cafes and udon restaurants nearby. Ubuya is stately and elegant with sophisticated decorations and a classy yet cozy atmosphere.

Service is efficient and gracious. The rooms come with Western style beds or Japanese style futon beds. Rooms with private in-room onsets are also available and worth the splurge for the privacy. Ubuya also has several public Onsens for men and women, all with outstanding views of Mt. Fuji. There are outdoor bathes and a sauna. On-site amenities include a gift shop, a shrine, reading room/library, a massage chair room, a lounge for coffee and tea, and a table tennis room. Yukatas and socks are provided for guests to wear on the grounds.

The quality of the food is outstanding. Dinner and breakfast are included in the price and are traditional multi-course Japanese meals. Appetizers, including sashimi, rice or noodles are standard. There is a main course choice of A-class wagyu (the highest grade) shabu shabu or grilled beef course. Dessert is in the form of fruit or traditional sweets such as red bean or matcha ice cream. Breakfasts are also traditional Japanese fare, with miso soup, rice, pickles, an omelette, or grilled fish. A hotel shuttle can be called for a pick up or drop off at Kawaguchiko Station. Alternatively, a taxi or the Red Line Bus can be taken from Kawaguchiko Station to Ubuya. The stop is number 15.

Getting there

Take the Omni Red Line Bus from Kawaguchiko Station to Stop 15. Alternatively a taxi can be taken which is 10 minutes from Kawaguchiko station.

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