Lake Saiko Ice Tree Festival

Silver frosted ice sculptures from Jan 24-Feb 1

 By Jessica A Paje   Feb 2, 2015

At Saiko Yachonomori Park, an Ice Tree Festival is held annually from January 24th to February 1st. Jyuhyo trees reach ten meters high and produce unique frost-covered ice sculptures in the winter. From sunset to 9:00pm, the winter wonderland is illuminated and is a great event alongside the fireworks at Lake Fuji Kawaguchi. During the day, the blue skies and crisp clean air make for another breathtaking view of Mt. Fuji!

Throughout the year, Yachonomori Park is a Wild Bird Sanctuary. It is home to about 60 species of wild birds including the Varied Tit, the Meadow Bunting, and the Japanese White-eye. Each season, visitors can also appreciate various festivals such as the Gardening Festival in the summer and a Mushroom Festival in the autumn.

Admission is free. Be careful! The paths can be slippery, so wear appropriate snow shoes.

Photography by Jessica A Paje
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Andrew Choi 9 months ago
Victoria Vlisides 9 months ago
AWESOME photos!! I hope to visit here!
Jessica A Paje Photographer 2 years ago
Thank you, everyone! Yui, I believe it was a water hose or an intricate sprinkler system that ran up the tree trunks. Either way, it may for some gnarly looking sculptures!
Yui Yamaguchi 2 years ago
Did they splash water onto the trees to create frozen trees? Good to be there when the sun comes out, otherwise, brrrrr!
Iain Stanley 2 years ago
Great shots indeed!!