Mount Fuji Long Ride

Cycling around the lakes and foothills of Mount Fuji

Venue: Lake Yamanaka When: Early Sep 2024
Notice: The dates for this event are not yet confirmed. This page will be updated once the official date(s) are announced by the event organizers. Please check the official event site for the latest info.

Considered one of Japan's premier cycling events the iconic, annual Mount Fuji Long Ride event invites cycling veterans and beginners alike to the foothills of Yamanashi to cycle around the Fuji Five Lakes region in the shadow of Mount Fuji.

Part of the Tour de Nippon circuit of rides that takes place across Japan throughout the year, the Mount Fuji Long Ride takes place every September and attracts riders from all over Japan. From lakeside views of Mount Fuji to the cover of the forest canopy, the course promises a fun-filled and adrenaline-packed ride, no matter your skill level.

Three courses ensure the event (not technically a race) remains open to all. For advanced cyclists, embark on a 130 km ride around all Five Fuji Lakes. As an intermediate cyclist, you can choose the 60 km ride around Lake Yamanaka and Lake Kawaguchi. Lastly, if you are looking for a relaxed course, as a beginner cyclist, set out on the 30 km course around Lake Yamanaka and scenic Oshino Village.

Photo: Mt Fuji Long Ride

The event starts and finishes along the southern shore of Lake Yamanaka, with the start-line providing a magnificent, Instagram-friendly glimpse of Mount Fuji on the horizon – with the sun out, it's the perfect start to the ride and—along with Yamanashi's idyllic landscape—will surely keep spirits high well into the first 10 km!

Some well-timed aid stations along the course go beyond just providing a welcome respite from the late summer heat, by offering a taste of local Yamanashi fare, including a Houtou stew of flat udon noodles, with nutrition-packed snacks and drinks being prepared and sourced locally to keep the legions of exhausted riders going. All drinks and foods along the course are included with registration.

Participation fees for the three courses are ¥9000 for the 130km, ¥6000 for the 60 km, and ¥4000 for the 30 km course. The rental bicycle fee is ¥5400 including equipment such as helmet and gloves. Be sure to pick up your completion certificate with time at the end of the race. There are light food and drink selections offered once finished as well as a few paid food and drink stands in the area. If you came in a group there is plenty of space to sit down, enjoy the mountain air, and communicate with locals while you wait for everyone to finish. Last year local university students set up a free massage tent although each year the arrangements differ.

Please note that attendees must register in advance with a registration deadline of August 19th.

Mt. Fuji Long Ride Bike Tour

Mount Fuji Long Ride represents a great opportunity for those looking for a way to experience Japan's countryside. The event is perfectly suited to both foreign residents and tourists alike – who can even sign up for a bike tour for this year's event, held on September 9th, while stopping by along the route to discover some local spots like, the Ninja Village at Oshino Shinobino Sato. Cycling enthusiasts can also book their place on the standard Fuji cycling event through Japan Travel as well.

Time Description
8:00 am Group arrival at the venue
8:00 am ~ 9:00 am Rental bicycle and gear fitting
9:00 am 60 km course start
10:00 am 30 km course start
5:00 pm Goal time limit

Types of Bicycles

Mount Fuji Long Ride provides a variety of rental bikes available to accommodate children and adults.

Road Bikes

Maker / Model Variable Height Size
Felt / Verb Elite 145 ~ 155cm 430mm
Felt / FR60 150 ~ 165cm 470mm
Wachsen / Stahl BSR-70 165 ~ 173cm 520mm
Felt / FR60 170 ~ 185cm 540mm

Mountain Bikes

Maker / Model Variable Height Size
AGGRESSOR2.0 /GT 135~150cm XS
AVALANCHE Women / GT 135~150cm XS
AGGRESSOR2.0 / GT 140~155cm S
Escape8.1 / HERO 140~160cm 13.5
Women Pro / Mongoose 140~180cm
Pro / Mongoose 145~160cm S
AVALANCHE Sports / GT 150~165cm S
Escape8.1 / HERO 155~170cm 15.5
ANCHOR SportsXR700 / Bridgestone 160~170cm
AVALANCHE 3.0 / GT 160~175cm M
PANTERA COMP / GT 160~180cm S
AVALANCHE Sports / GT 165~175cm M
Pro / Mongoose 165~185cm M
ZASKAR / GT 170~185cm L
KARAKORAM COMP29 / GT 170~190cm L
Escape8.1 / HERO 170~200cm 19.5
AVALANCHE / GT 175~200cm XL
Photo: Mt Fuji Long Ride

Getting there

Lake Yamanaka Communication Plaza Kirara is best accessed by car—with ample parking available—and is about a 2-hour drive via expressway from Tokyo.

More info

Find out more about Lake Yamanaka.


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Dramix Shoyo 6 months ago
Can I still apply for it and where?
Kim 6 months ago
Unfortunately at this stage there hasn't been a date confirmed for any 2023 event. The last one we have record of was 2019, before the pandemic. We'll update the site as soon as we get any confirmation for this year.
Barbara Garner a year ago
Has the date been set for the 2022 ride?
Kim a year ago
Doesn't look like it yet on the official website ( The 2021 event was canceled, but hopefully there will be some update soon about 2022.
Christy Kurtzweg a year ago
Is there absolutely no way to access this event by train? We live in Numazu and don’t have a car. Any advice is appreciated!
Kim a year ago
No problem at all! Glad to help :)
Al Ray Lazado 4 years ago
Do they allow you to cycle up to some parts in Mt. Fuji?
rui chang 4 years ago
is there a strava route available for the 60Km?
Sébastien Duval 4 years ago
There is apparently no Strava route. On the day itself, nobody should get lost because the event is well organized :) To visualize the path before the event, please follow the link, scroll down to the "60km" section, and press the triangle-shaped "Play" button (the elevation at each point is shown below the map in meters).