Mt. Fuji & Yamanakako before Dawn

The silent world of Lake Yamanaka before sunrise

By Meg Sing    - 1 min read

After the previous day of thick clouds and intermittent rain, I dragged myself out of warm blankets in the middle of the night in the hopes of catching the magical moment of Mt. Fuji at sunrise (4:31 am). Hardly any other humans were up and about, yet swans were exercising full monopoly over the lake, hawks and egrets flew overhead and carp swished around in the shallower areas of the lake. Water on the lake is calmest before the sun rises and the wind picks up. With the wind and water so still, it was the perfect environment to get in tune with the world of nature. While clouds unfortunately obscured the mighty mountain at the last minute, seeing a different side of beautiful Lake Yamanaka on this May morning made it worth the early start.

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Meg Sing

Meg Sing @meg.sing

The language intrigues me and as well as Japan's personality, vividly different in each season in the year. Having previously lived in Tokyo for a year, I've developed a weakness for onsen, Mt. Fuji, autumn leaves, the festivals and Japanese stationery. More than trying my hand at photography, I enjoy sharing my photos and travel experiences with others so that they can laugh, feel inspired and come along for some of the journey!