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Maglev museum at the foot of Mt Fuji

About Tsuru
Photo: Tsuru City Shoka Museum – Abasaa / Public Domain

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About Tsuru

Tsuru is a remote city in Yamanashi Prefecture near the base of Mt. Fuji that's renowned for having the Yamanashi Prefectural Maglev Exhibition Center.

All train enthusiasts will be hard-pressed to find a better museum as the Maglev can be seen on some days when it runs on a test track, where it passes by the side of the building. The exhibition center is well-stocked with information as demonstrations and exhibits are easy to understand. With interactive displays, the center is kid friendly and is a great option for a family day out.

Nearby, Takagawasan offers an amazing view of the city and beyond after a trek to its peak. For those heading towards Mt. Fuji, this would be a useful warm up for the climb ahead.

In the city, tradition runs deep with Choanji and Entsuin Temples serve as the spiritual gateway for citizens. A little farther is Keirinji Temple, where weeping cherry blossoms surround the grounds in spring.

While Tsuru is off the beaten path, there is no reason not to stop by this quiet town on your way to your next destination. With its peaceful atmosphere, it is the perfect place to recuperate before carrying on with your travels.