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The fields make for wonderful photo opportunities (Photo: mrhayata / CC BY-SA 2.0)
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Akeno Sunflower Festival 2024

Fields of yellow in Yamanashi

Venue: Akeno Sunflower Fields When: Late Jul - Late Aug 2024

Bright and cheerful sunflowers are a quintessential sign of summer in Japan, and the annual Akeno Sunflower Festival boasts fields upon fields of them to enjoy. The event began in 1993, and at the venue, you'll also find a sunflower maze and the ability to purchase locally made products.

From sunset until 9 pm the fields will be lit up, giving visitors the chance to enjoy the flowers illuminated under the night sky. Admission to the Akeno Sunflower Festival is free.

Getting there

The Akeno Sunflower Festival is approximately a twenty minute taxi ride from JR Nirasaki Station on the Chuo Main Line. Alternatively, from the station you can catch the Mizugaki Line bus until you reach the Heidi-no-Mura Kurara-kan stop (approximately 25 minutes). From there, the flower fields are around five minutes away on foot.

If you plan to self-drive to the venue, a limited amount of parking is available at a cost of 500 yen per car.

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Lynda Hogan 4 years ago
Take me there! It looks wonderful. I really wanted to go to a nearby sunflower festival this year, but I won't have time to go before we leave for Ireland for the summer. But these photos are the next best thing!
Elena Lisina 4 years ago
I'd like to see illuminated photo!
Sleiman Azizi 4 years ago
That first photo is splendid, vibrant and expansive.
Kim Author 4 years ago
So many of Japan's floral landscapes really take my breath away!
Elena Lisina 4 years ago
Beautiful fields! I've never seen sunflower fields as they don't grow in our places.
Kim Author 4 years ago
That would be tough to deal with. Winter is okay, but even here it's about 5 months of winter and that's too much for me!

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