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Area:6708.23 sq. km

Located in western Honshu, Shimane is an unfairly underrated tourist destination; there’s more to see and do here than what some people might tell you.

Shimane is most noted for the Izumo-Taisha, which is one of Japan’s can’t-miss sites and is a surprisingly popular date spot; it houses the Shinto deity of marriage, attracting couples from all over the country. Matsue Castle and Kamosu Jinja are two of Matsue City’s most prominent features, along with its many hot springs.

The Oki Islands have some of Japan’s most pristine coasts, while the Adachi Museum of Art is renowned for its breathtaking Japanese garden. The Iwami Ginzan, the largest silver mine in Japanese history, is a World Heritage Site.

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Shimane Prefecture

Home of Izumo-Taisha, Matsue Castle and the Oki Islands

Shimane Prefecture - Day Two

Historic and Cultural Experience - Part Two

Shimane Prefecture

Historic and cultural discoveries - Part One

Exploring Matsue on Bicycle

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Kuniga Coastline

Epic cliffs and a unique walking track

Beautiful Place!

Shimane Prefecture

Historic and cultural discoveries - Part One

Nice place.

#1 Japanese Garden in the World

The gardens of the Adachi Museum of Art

Thank you, indeed this one is my favorite!

Tamatsukuri Onsen, Shimane

Take a dip in the Bath of the Shinto Gods

That's so astounding. It reminds me of the hot springs in Georgia, USA that are rich with lithium and minerals that treat bi-polar disorder and depression.