About Tochigi
Area:6408.09 sq. km

Although not too far from Tokyo, it would be a waste to limit Tochigi to just a day trip; spending a night or two is necessary in order to fully appreciate what the prefecture has to offer.

Tochigi’s most significant feature is the Nikko Toshogu, dedicated to Tokugawa Ieyasu; it is surrounded by other noteworthy shrines and temples, and the whole district has been designated a World Heritage Site. Also located in the Nikko area are Kegon Falls, Kinugawa Onsen, and Edo Wonderland, a theme park where visitors can experience what life was like during the Edo Period.

The Nasu area is also known for its hot springs, and is a great resort spot during the summer and winter. Sano is famous for its ramen and the capital Utsunomiya for its gyoza dumplings, while nature lovers will want to visit Lake Chuzenji.

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Ashikaga Flower Park Illumination

The best illumination park in all of Japan

Nikko’s Autumn Colors

Nature’s colorful gift

Suginami Cedar Avenue in Nikko

Because the journey is as important as the destination

Rondo Antique Shop in Nikko

Big selection of antique items

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Ashikaga Flower Park Illumination

The best illumination park in all of Japan

So beautiful illumination!

Lake Chuzenji, Early Autumn

Stunning views of Chuzenjiko in Nikko, Tochigi

Looks nice place.

Hot Spring Temple in Nikko/Yumoto

Take a hot spring bath at Buddhist temple Onsen-ji

Yes looks great

Yunodaira Marsh: Hot Spring Source

The fountainhead of Yumoto Onsen's natural hot springs

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