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Hyakuna Garan Resort & Spa

Like many relics of Okinawan heritage that survived the passage of time, this resort looks a bit like a fortress from the outside, but it is actually an oasis of calm. Cocoon yourself from the outside world and watch the moon rise over the calm waters of the Philippine Sea.

Okinawa Grand Mer Resort

The staff here have called this island home for several generations, making them a great source of local history and culture. In the 1960s this was THE center for live music, when rock stars would take over the baton from the jazz bands on the streets in the 1950s. These days, Eisa is a symbol of the island’s cultural renaissance, and there is no better place to experience it than from Okinawa Grand Mer Resort.

Beach Rock Village, Part One

Beach Rock Village has various types of accommodation facilities such as cottages, which are managed with 100% natural energy, nomadic tents, and easygoing campsites.