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The Battle of Okehazama

2,500 samurai trounced an army of 35,000 in what became known as the Battle of Okehazama. It was one of Oda Nobunaga’s finest victories, at odds of twelve to one!

Sunshine Sakae

Sky Boat is a 42m diameter Sky Boat Ferris Wheel with glass bubble gondolas on the side of Sunshine Sakae, a large shopping entertainment complex in Nagoya's CBD!

Nagoya Castle

Until WW2, Nagoya Castle was the biggest, best designed, most gorgeous and well preserved of all the castles in Japan, and had been designated a National Treasure.

Okazaki Castle Winter Illumination

Okazaki castle is the symbol of Okazaki city in Aichi prefecture. Every year, Okazaki park, and the castle, is decorated with 160,000 light bulbs in honor of Tokugawa Ieyasu, one of the most influential men in Japan’s history.