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Sunshine Sakae

Sky Boat is a 42m diameter Sky Boat Ferris Wheel with glass bubble gondolas on the side of Sunshine Sakae, a large shopping entertainment complex in Nagoya's CBD!

Osu Kannon Antique Fair

The Osu area of Nagoya City is always worth a look, particularly on the 18th and 28th of every month, as there’s the added attraction of the Antiques Fair!

Noritake Gardens

Noritake Gardens, Museum and Craft Center, is probably best associated with Grandma's best china, the fancy tableware that only came out at Christmas.

The Battle of Okehazama

2,500 samurai trounced an army of 35,000 in what became known as the Battle of Okehazama. It was one of Oda Nobunaga’s finest victories, at odds of twelve to one!