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Kayaking Adventure in Gokase, a town located on Kyushu Island in the Miyazaki Prefecture. During the summer it is an unexplored land. This peaceful area is set between Iiboshi Mountain pass. The luscious green landscape encompasses every portion of the area with waterfalls around every corner.
Shochu-loving poet's birth village beckons with its simple charm
Udo Jingu Miyazki, a mythical Shinto Shrine surrounded by beautiful scenery
The Gokoku Shrine or “the Shrine for the Protection of the Nation” is a shrine dedicated to Japanese soldiers killed in combat.
Kirishima's tallest peak is a relatively short hike from forest into the clouds to the barren, rocky rim of this volcano's crater.
Tsuno Winery is proof that you can, indeed, produce perfectly enjoyable wine here in Miyazaki.