Mt. Io in Kirishima

Barren volcanic landscape

 By Tristan Scholze   Apr 9, 2014

The 1,310 m (4,298 ft) Mt. Io (pronounced ee-oh) is only slightly higher than the Ebino Plateau and located along Rt. 1 next to Fudo Pond, making it an easy hike to the top. In autumn, its slopes are covered in beautiful tufts of susuki and a few scattered Kyushu azalea bushes. Remnants of this volcano’s abundant sulfur, which used to be mined, are sprinkled across the rocky peak. After a look at the crater area, continue on a longer hike, past scenic fields to Mt. Karakuni, more peaks and more extensive treks (map).

硫黄山—iou-yama—Mt. Io

Photography by Tristan Scholze
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Marbach Hélène a year ago
Hello this trail is now closed ( end of April/beginning of May 2016) due to sulfurous smoke and odors.Hélène
Tristan Scholze Photographer a year ago
Thank you for the update, Hélène! Yes, due to volcanic activity, the area within a 1 km radius of Mt. Io is, since the end of February, currently restricted. Hopefully it will open again soon. More info (in Japanese) here:
Isobel Rae 3 years ago