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Fudo Pond

An early autumn walk along the Ikemeguri Nature Trail

The landscape surrounding Fudo Pond, smallest of the three volcanic crater lakes on this circular trail, varies significantly from the others. The solid groves of Japanese red pine and large patches of grassland covered with susuki in autumn contrast with the deciduous forests of Rokukannon Pond and the mountain slopes of Byakushi Pond.

Rt. 1 runs near the water's edge, making this the most easily accessible of the lakes. There are a few spaces to park for free. From here, it’s a short walk back to the trailhead at the Ebino Kogen Museum Center (near the campground); or you can cross the road and visit the rocky landscape of Mt. Io, take the trail past more susuki fields to Mt Karakuni, and hike on to other peaks by crossing the road.

不動池—fudou-ike—Fudo Pond えびの高原池巡り自然探勝路—ebino kogen ikemeguri shizen tanshou-ro—Ebino Plateau Ikemeguri Nature Trail

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