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Rokukannon Pond

An early autumn walk along the Ikemeguri Nature Trail

Soon after Byakushi Pond on the Ikemeguri Nature Trail, you’ll come to Rokukannon Pond. Along the beautiful cobalt blue waters of this volcanic crater lake, you’ll pass a shrine. Here you’ll find giant cedars, an old dark red torii and building, and fine views of the water and Mt. Karakuni.

Records indicate that Shoku, a monk who studied here in the late 900s, had a vision of an old man and became inspired to create six Buddhist statues of Kannon—the pond's namesake. From the shrine onward, the trees along the lake resonate with birdsong then open into a mixture of grassy plains and woodland before reaching Fudo Pond.

六観音御池—rokukannon-miike—Rokukannon Pond 六観音堂—rokukannon-dou—Rokukannon Temple 豊受神社—toyouke jinja—Toyoke Shrine 性空—shoukuu—Shoku ルリビタキ—ruribitaki—Red-flanked Bluetail コゲラ—kogera—Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker

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