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Hiking Mt. Karakuni

From forest to bare volcanic rock in an hour

This 1,700 m (5,577 ft) stratovolcano is the tallest peak in the Kirishima Volcanic Group. The rough, partially-collapsed crater and side of Mt. Karakuni bears a resemblance to the larger and more famous Mt. St. Helens in the United States.

With the base of the mountain resting in the Ebino Plateau at about 1,200 m (3,937 ft) and the trail extending from Mt. Io being well maintained, this part of the hike is very moderate and accessible.

It’s less than an hour from the Susuki Plain to the peak as the trail passes through a broad range of landscapes. From the nearly barren peak of reddish rock, there’s a great view in any direction and a wickedly sheer drop of about 300 m (984 ft) down into the crater.

韓国岳—karakuni-dake—Mt. Karakuni

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