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The Magic of Fireflies

Older generations of Japanese would likely have fond memories of watching fireflies, called hotaru, in the early summer. Nowadays, with massive urban development, fireflies are disappearing. Only in pristine environments, like Kinchakuda, can you still find these magical lights.

The John Lennon Museum

Construction of the John Lennon Museum in Omiya, Saitama (near Tokyo), began in 1998 and the museum opened on October 9, 2000 - which would have been John’s 60th birthday, and was also kanreki, - an auspicious event in Japan. It could also be considered as Yoko’s millennium project. The museum attracted over 35,000 visitors a year, of which 5% were foreigners. Yoko came to the museum at least once a year.

Hiwada-Takasashi-Monomi Mtn Trail

The Mt. Hiwada - Mt. Takasashi - Mt. Monomi Trail, doable in a day, takes hikers through breathtaking natural settings across 3 mountains in Hidaka, Saitama. The scenery is beautiful, the hiking is easy, there are shrines, clearings, viewpoints, and a waterfall. What more could you want?

Hiking Mt. Hiwada, Saitama

Mt. Hiwada in Saitama is a beautiful place for a day hike. The forested mountain is notable for its two magnificent torii gates, one of which is set on a rocky overlook point, framing a beautiful view of the Kanto area. It is easily accessed from Tokyo and its surrounding region.