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Dusk at Nagoya Port

Beauty and Tranquility

What do you usually expect from a trip to a port area? Boats tied to the pier, unmoved yet swayed by the gentle waves? People busying themselves with water-related activities? Breezes blowing, giving an abundance of fresh air across the outdoor spaces? Well yes, all that, can be found in Nagoyako. There's one note, though—you'll get to see even more if you come during sunset.

I walked away from Nagoyako Station expecting to see some common port views and elements. Beautiful, I suppose, but I had this feeling that it'd be just another typical harbour front area. But when I walked past a series of shops and restaurants along the port entrance, and turned left to see the small alley slowly opening to a large open air space by the water, I knew I was wrong. Apparently Nagoyako was more than just that "typical harbour front area".

Nagoya Port is an entertainment hub for locals (or maybe tourists alike too, but as far as I observed, I saw more locals), filled with people from all walks of life. Families, groups of friends, couples, they were there watching street performers, sitting by the grass with the Ferris Wheel to their back, or just walking around enjoying the air. After some time taking in the atmosphere, I walked a bit further down south, past the bridge that connected the port's two areas, and decided to just sit by the park facing the water, so long, until the sun finally slipped away, leaving traces of vermilion against the pale purple skies, and the waters turned dark. People who were just sitting and doing nothing suddenly walked closer to the edge, enjoying the last moment of light while letting themselves be swept away by the sound of waves. Then the lights around the port area turned on, completing the view with sparkling and colourful illuminations. Gosh, I felt so lucky to witness all these just at the right moment!

Getting there

From Nagoyako Station, the port area is just 200m away on foot.

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