4WD action and excitement (Photo: Sanage Adventure Field)
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Sanage Adventure Field

Indianna Jones never had an adventure like this!

On the outskirts of Toyota City, (that’s right, home of the car manufacturer) is Sanage Adventure Field five and a half hectares of Four Wheel drive adventure course. Established in 1994, it is one of Japan’s top level off road driving courses. Bring your own vehicle, or rent one from the Center House

The Rinkan Course runs 1.15 Kilometers through winding twisting dirt track. You’ll experience a 55 meter 20 degree climb up a 32 meter high hillock before snaking your way back down. Similarly, the Wonderful Course is slightly shorter and easy enough for a mini van to navigate. It’s a 750 meter drive through steep mountainous forest with climbs and descents of up to 15 degrees! Part of the course takes you through a tunnel of trees before entering the Panorama Road. The Trial Course will take you over rocky roads, humps, dips and bumps. It features short, sharp segments with gradients of up to 30 degrees. Depending on the season and recent weather conditions, there may be huge puddles to splash through and thick mud to slip and slide in. At the end you’ll feel like a martini,…shaken, not stirred!

The Sanage Adventure Field offers 4WD and wet weather driver training and safety courses, as well as experience driving courses. There’s even a specially mounted four wheel drive vehicle that simulates a rollover and shows you the true value of seatbelts!

Day camp facilities set amongst lush natural forest and undercover BBQ facilities including tables, gas and charcoal BBQ burners and seats are available for hire. Food, cutlery and utensils can be purchased from the front office too! The menu is available to view on the web site, but it is all in Japanese only. Same too with the restaurant in the Center House, curry and rice, egg and rice, pancakes, all very simple fare, but all filling and delicious after a days navigating the courses, and all very inexpensive too. My suggestion is to experience the 4WD courses and the rollover simulator BEFORE you enjoy your lunch!

Regular events are scheduled so make sure you call ahead to confirm that the facilities are available, and to book a rental vehicle too.

Indy Jones, eat your heart out!

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