Akita's Lake Tazawa

A variety of sightseeing pleasures

 By Jessee Lyman   Jul 28, 2012

Lake Tazawa in Akita Prefecture is another stunning example of the natural beauty of northern Japan. With a rich history and variety of activities for tourists, whether you like hiking, swimming, boating, eating, or even just a relaxing stay at a hot springs inn, Lake Tazawa has all of that and much more. Surrounding the lake is beautiful mountain scenery, and the relaxing atmosphere will help you wind down the second you arrive.

Photography by Jessee Lyman
Japan Travel Member

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Bonson Lam 4 years ago
This looks like a perfect getaway in summer. Even if the lake is cold, it is refreshing after a day's kayaking. There is always the onsen nearby if it gets too cold.
telloyd 4 years ago
How cold is the lake in August? Looks like the perfect place to do some kayaking and camping to get away from the heat of Tokyo.