Folkloro Kakunodate Hotel

Japanese hospitality in an old samurai town

By Kat Szumna   Aug 1, 2016 - 2 min read

The Folkloro Hotel in Kakunodate has a perfect location, just a few steps from Kakunodate train station. You would never guess that this small hotel is owned by Japan Railways (JR). Its cozy atmosphere is more of a local hotel and it has everything you need to enjoy your stay in Kakunodate.

The hotel staff are helpful and friendly. Although they do not speak much English, their enthusiasm and warm welcome is exceptional. The hotel has a small gift shop by the entrance and a cold drink vending machine, which can be useful after hours when neighbouring stores are closed. You can also do your laundry in a coin laundry machine, and free Wi-Fi is available. Rooms are spacious and clean, with a comfortable homely feel. There are 26 rooms in total and the price ranges from $88–$218 based on average rates for a standard room.

The hotel's restaurant serves delicious local cuisine with an excellent breakfast buffet that offers Japanese, as well as a Western options. For dinner there are plenty of Japanese dishes, including sushi, sashimi, tempura, Jindai curry, grilled pork or Udon noodles. Make sure you try the local pickles, like Iburi Gakko. Made by pickling smoked daikon (Japanese radish) harvested in autumn, it is one of the most famous and distinctive flavours of Akita prefecture. Another Akita delicacy is locally produced sake, which you can also order at the Folkloro restaurant.

The biggest advantage of Folkloro is its location. It is 1 minute from Kakunodate Station and about the same distance from Kakunodate Tourist Information Office, where you can grab a map of tourist attractions in Kakunodate area. It is no more than 20 minutes walk from Samurai House Street, which is definitely the best place to visit while you are in Kakunodate. The easiest way to get to Kakunodate is by train. There are many connections from Tokyo and neighbouring cities. It is a good idea to buy a JR East Pass for Tohoku area and visit all of Akita Prefecture.

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