Taihei River Sakura Festival

1000 cherry blossom trees over a 2 kilometer stretch

Mid - Late
Venue: Taihei River, Akita When: Mid - Late Apr 2022

From around mid to late April in Akita City, the banks of the Taihei River come alive with the color of around 1000 cherry trees in bloom over 2 kilometers. A festival is held when the blossoms are at their peak, which also typically includes a number of food vendors close to the Atagoshita Bridge area.

Another beautiful feature near the Atagoshita Bridge are the lanterns illuminating the trees after sunset, allowing visitors to appreciate their beauty late into the evening.

The official dates for the festival are determined closer to the blooming season, so check the official event website for more details in spring.

Getting there

The Taihei River Sakura Festival takes place along the road by the Taihei River from Ushijima to Narayama in Akita City.

For those utilizing public transport, it takes around 25 minutes on foot from Akita Station to the Atagoshita Bridge. There is a small amount of parking by the bridge for those who plan to drive.

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Elena Lisina 3 months ago
I could catch blooming sakura in the end of April in Yudanaka - it was such a joy!
Elena Lisina 3 months ago
Yes! I was sad that had arrived too late for sakura in Tokyo, but when I saw blooming sakura near Nagano I really helt happy! In distant places sakura is not less beautiful, but there are no crowds of people! Nice!