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Akita Youthpal Hostel

Akita Youthpal Hostel

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The Akita Youthpal Youth Hostel is more like a resort than a youth hostel. This is a slick modern building set in park like settings,..

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About Akita City

Akita City is famous for being home to the Kanto Matsuri, one of the three big summer festivals in Tohoku. Beautiful lanterns symbolising rice is carried along the streets and the raw tribal music feels the air.

Being by the sea it enjoys great seafood in every season and it is also famous for hata hata, a prehistoric fish. The fish markets in the citizens centre is several corridors long and is one of the biggest outside Tokyo, with friendly locals beckoning you for a chat. They even have live fish swimming in tanks. These markets along with the Port Tower Selion are featured in the Korean drama “Iris” which takes place in many parts of Akita City.

Akita City itself is framed by JR Akita to the East and a small canal to the west. The grid street patterns make it easy to navigate. Cycling will easily take you to most attractions as the city is compact and flat, while a very comprehensive bus system will take you to further locations including Port Tower Selion, which is a free attraction.

The Akita Shinkansen (bullet train) connects to Tohoku and Tokyo, while the Nihonkai seasonal sleeper train connect it to Hokkaido and Kyoto. You can also travel between these two ports by ferry.

Unique local craft in Akita include Ginsen Zaiku (Silverware), Hachijo (dyed textiles) and lacquerware. The Akita Design Centre is located above the Akita City Convention Bureau. Many local artists feature their unique handmade art pieces there.

The Senshu Muesum of Art and Hirano Museum of Art will reward connoisseurs with deep and insightful pieces of art.