The park is home to around 600,000 irises in bloom (Photo: 掬茶/CC By SA 4.0)

Asamai Park Iris Festival

Over half a million beautiful irises to enjoy in Akita

The park is home to around 600,000 irises in bloom (Photo: 掬茶/CC By SA 4.0)
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Each year from late June through to early July, Akita's Asamai Park is filled to the brim with the color of 600,000 irises in bloom comprising of 80 different species. Visitors flock to the park from both inside and outside the prefecture to enjoy the beauty of these rainy season flowers in all their glory.

For those who can't get to the park during the iris season, there is still a wide variety of floral beauty to enjoy at other points of the year, including the likes of plum and cherry blossoms in early spring.

Admission to the park is free of charge.

Getting there

Akita's Asamai Park is located approximately 20 minutes drive from the Yokote IC on the Akita Expressway, or around 10 minutes drive from the Jumonji IC on the Yuzawa Yokote Road.

For those who are visiting the area via public transport, the park is around a 15 minute taxi ride from Yokote Station (served by the Ōu Main Line), or 5 minutes on foot from the Yokote Bus Terminal.

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