Topico Department Store Akita

Souvenir Hub at the Railway Station

By Jeremy Yap    - 2 min read

Buying souvenirs are one of most important things you do on a trip. Usually you buy a whole lot of them at every place you visited and then get tired from the hassle of carrying them. In addition, you have to constantly recall what did you buy, for whom and whether it was sufficient and all of these are a headache in the making. Now here is the good news for you. Topico is a shopping mall located right next to JR Akita Station or a 10 minute walk from Hotel Pearl City Akita Kawabata and they have everything you need. You can get your hands on Namahage puppets, sweets and folk crafts. All you need to do is to set an hour or two on the last day of trip to buy everything. If you live in Japan, just send them directly to your friends or family via Takkyubin and after all that shopping, jump right in to the Shinkansen and wave Akita goodbye.There are three floors in total for this mini mall, the first floor for souvenirs and sweets, second floor for last minute super market shopping and finally the top floor for books and restaurants. In July and August, they hold a Draft Beer Festival on the top floor restaurant, a great way to drown your thirst with a beer and meal set for 1000 yen.

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