Hirosaki Castle Chrysanthemum and Autumn Leaves Festival

Plenty of color during fall in Aomori

Oct 15th
Nov 10th
Venue: Hirosaki Castle When: Oct 15th - Nov 10th 2021


Hirosaki Castle is closed annually for winter, from November 24th to March 31st.

Latest on Hirosaki Castle

The Hirosaki Castle Chrysanthemum and Autumn Leaves Festival takes place annually within the grounds of Hirosaki Park, and allows visitors to enjoy the stunning beauty of the fall season. There are colorful trees in various shades of red, yellow and orange set against evergreen pines, along with various chrysanthemum displays.

One of the most popular forms of showcasing the flowers are in the form of chrysanthemum dolls (also known as kiku-ningyo), where life-sized dolls are decked out with chrysanthemum flowers as their "clothing".

Getting there

Hirosaki Castle Park is around 12 minutes on foot (or a five minute cab ride) from Chuohirosaki Station, served by the Konan Railway's Ōwani Line.

Bus services are also available from the JR Hirosaki Station. Take the 100 yen Dotemachi loop bus until you reach the Shiyakusho Mae Stop (out the front of the City Hall), and then the park is around 5 minutes away on foot.

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