Shinsen Fish Market

The Freshest Seafood in Aomori

By Chris Barnes    - 1 min read

Shinsen Market, sometimes referred to as Auga Market, is a lively fish market located in the basement of the Auga Festival City shopping center. The market consists of tightly packed rows of vendors selling Aomori's freshest and best fresh seafood. The local seafood is bought fresh from Aomori Port and you can find practically everything here from tuna and seaweed, live octopus and fish, and Aomori's famous scallops. There is a large variety of prepackaged dry seafood and a small selection of pickled vegetables. There are also a few restaurants inside the market that serve seafood direct from the market at reasonable prices. The market is located in the basement of the Auga Festival City Building, which is a two minute walk from JR Aomori Station, and is open from 05:30 ~ 18:30.

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