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Traveling through Japan made easy

By Tinka Weener    - 3 min read

This year I decided finally to realize a lifelong dream of exploring Japan.

I decided to go as far South as I could by train, ferry and airplane, and to visit as many rural and exotic-sounding places as possible. My travels took me to familiar areas such as Mount Fuji, Okinawa and Kinosaki Onsen, but also to the less known places such as Yukishima and Zamami Island.

I often found myself to be in pretty remote areas during my travels and I was traveling on my own, so I found it important to stay in touch with my family and friends back home and to be able to share pictures of my journey. Many times I stayed in hotels or hostels that promised quick and free Wi-Fi, but on which, in reality, I could barely upload a low resolution photo. The only thing worse than no internet is slow internet.

I was lucky enough to have NINJA WiFi recommended to me before I started my travels, and this proved to be a true life saver. For 900 yen a day—which you only pay for days when used—I could enjoy unlimited data usage!

NINJA WiFi really helped me navigate my way through Japan. If I was hungry or if I felt like seeing some new attractions in an unfamiliar area I simply would connect to NINJA WiFi and check for some insider tips. After deciding where to go, I did not have to mess around with old fashioned and impractical paper maps – I could use Google Maps on my smartphone and easily find my way.

Often I would be sitting in a train watching the scenery outside speed by and suddenly I would see something interesting and decide to get out at the next stop to explore. I would activate the NINJA WiFi spot to find and instantly book a hotel in the area.

Having this device with me really afforded me a level of freedom I would not have otherwise enjoyed. If you are traveling you do not want to be constantly worried about logistics and locations and getting lost; you just want be able to enjoy this rare feeling of absolute freedom.

Because of my NINJA WiFi I did not have to worry about where I would sleep, eat or go. If I spontaneously decided to jump on the next available ferry to a remote island I had never heard of I could do it.

I definitely recommend NINJA Wi-Fi if you want to make the most out of your travels and stay in touch with your home base.

Your friends and family back home will thank you for it!

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Tinka Weener

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