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A convenience store chain with health in mind

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It's probably fair to say that on a global scale, convenience stores don't exactly have a reputation for providing healthful eating options. Thankfully, Japan's convenience store chains have a range of decent nutritional choices, including things like soba noodles, natto, fresh fruit, edamame, yogurt, and so on. There's one convenience store chain that really ups the ante on providing easy options for eating well, and that's Natural Lawson.

If you've traveled around Japan before, you likely already know of the standard Lawson convenience stores - they're the ones with the light blue logo, and whose foods have been raved about by the likes of Anthony Bourdain and Katy Perry to name just a couple. Natural Lawson is owned by the same parent company but has a maroon-colored logo, and their stores are centered around metropolitan areas. Originally marketed towards a health-focused female clientele, the chain has grown in popularity across numerous groups - definitely not just women.

Natural Lawson is particularly handy for those who have certain dietary requirements, such as celiacs, vegetarians, and vegans. A quick look at their regularly updated Instagram account gives an insight into their constantly growing product range -- there's everything from vegan protein bars and shakes to gluten-free chickpea chips in flavors like smoky BBQ and cheddar & onion. Main meals aren't neglected here either, with choices including veggie-packed curries, hearty soups and stews, dishes incorporating soy meat and tofu, and tortilla wraps. Not every single item in the store is vegan or vegetarian, but in comparison to most convenience stores there are substantially more options to choose from.

It's not just foods you'll find at Natural Lawson stores, either -- they also stock things like cosmetics and household necessities like detergents with a natural focus.

Getting there

To find the nearest Natural Lawson to you, visit the store locator on the official website.

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Justin Velgus a month ago
I have only seen a few of these popping up in Tohoku, and they are great. Especially for tourists, this is good to know!
Kim Author 4 weeks ago
Yes, definitely a helpful alternative!
Sleiman Azizi a month ago
Lawson was my favourite convenience store and Natural Lawson takes it a step further.
Elizabeth S a month ago
The Lawson nearest me is a great alternative when the supermarket is crowded. And Natural Lawson is where I take my visitors who follow vegan and veggie diets.