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 Featured   May 16, 2016

In this era of Instagram and Snapchat, getting connected while you’re travelling is pretty much considered a necessity. How else are your friends going to know that you’re eating the best ramen you’ve ever eaten in your life if you don’t update them on social media?

But on a serious note, getting connected can be very useful especially when it comes to directions. Being the absolute klutz that I am, trust me when I say I can get lost even with the help of Google Maps, so to me being connected to the Internet while I’m on the go is a matter of life and death. That means that RentalWifi’s pocket Wi-Fi practically saved my life.

I’ve had the privilege of using the Premium Wi-Fi provided by RentalWifi.com and it’s such a dream come true. It’s slim and light and can easily go into any bag or pocket. The long lasting battery life means that I didn’t have to worry about bringing the charger along with me (although its very convenient to do so if you want to be on the safe side – the charger is small and slim and the USB cable is short).

Before I even dare step foot onto any train I would check the train schedule to make sure I don’t get on the wrong train and also to make sure I get off at the right station. RentalWifi is so convenient because I don’t lose signal even when I’m underground in the Metro, so while I’m waiting to get to my next destination I use the Wi-Fi connection to plan my day by doing little research on places here and there, decide on where to eat and where to visit for the day.

Once I’m out of the station I’m constantly on Google Maps because I’m never exactly sure which way to go. With a strong Internet connection I save a lot of time not getting lost and getting to where I want to be, when I want to be.

Although I’m not really a person who updates Facebook or Instagram while I’m on the go, I do Snapchat sometimes and Snapchatting is all about being live, candid and in the moment. It is so nice to be able to whip my phone out, take a picture or a video of whatever was happening in that moment (or whatever I’m eating cause Japanese food always looks good) and update it straight away so that my friends and family know what I’m up to. Other than that I also use RentalWifi to check the current exchange rate to ensure that I don’t overspend, to translate what I’m trying to say when I have trouble communicating with a local and to surf the net in general and read the news when I’m riding on a train.

I never once encountered any problems with connectivity when I was using it anywhere in Tokyo. The pocket Wi-Fi was a cinch to use and never let me down.

RentalWifi offers two options:

  • Standard Wi-Fi option by Y!Mobile: Runs on a maximum speed of 75Mbps for downloads and 25 Mbps for uploads. It costs ¥790 per day for the first 7 days and ¥300 for every additional day
  • Premium Wi-Fi option by Docomo: Runs on a maximum speed of 150 Mbps for downloads and 50 Mbps for uploads. It costs ¥990 per day for the first 7 days and ¥450 for every additional day

*Note that both options have a minimum rental period of four days.

How do you get your hands on one of these pocket Wi-Fis, you ask? Well, you’ll be glad to know that it’s super easy. Here’s how:

  1. Make an order from the website. You need to order at least 2 days in advance before the date you would need the pocket Wi-Fi.
    Then make the payment either by credit card or a PayPal account through the secured PayPal gateway.
  2. Pick your beloved pocket Wi-Fi up from your desired pickup location.
    You can have your pocket Wi-Fi sent to the airport you’re arriving at or to any hotel or residence as long as you provide them with the right address and building name.
  3. Drop the pocket Wi-Fi into a post box when you're done with it so that it can be delivered back to RentalWifi. 
    Drop it off at any Post Box/Airport Post Office and then you’re done!

It's very affordable especially if you travel in a group as a few devices can be connected to the pocket Wi-Fi so you and your friends can get fast speed internet at the same time. Here’s to some stress-free travelling to Japan!

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Jeradyne Cheong Author a year ago
Jihad Mahmoud a year ago
Interesting! Are these available all over Japan? And is it only for tourists? and do you have to pre-order them?
Jeradyne Cheong Author a year ago
Hi Jihad, you can have a look at their website (link on the top right of the page) to get the information you need. As for whether it's only for tourists, I think the options stated above are as they only lasts up to 7 days.