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As Japan prepares numerous apps and websites to cater to inbound travelers, having a Wi-Fi router is becoming indispensable. JapanWifiBuddy’s routers provide excellent, steady coverage at an affordable rate, making for the perfect complement to the traveler’s traditional toolbox.

JapanWifiBuddy offers five different levels of packages, ranging from Bronze to Platinum Plus. For travelers who plan to use Wi-Fi sparingly, such as to check email, reference a map app, or make the occasional facebook or Youtube update, the Bronze and Silver packages would more than suffice. For those who want unlimited data or who plan on heavier usage, one of the platinum packages is ideal. The JapanWifiBuddy website offers an excellent comparison chart of all their router options for those who need additional details.

Each rental comes with all of the necessary gear you would need. The router itself is small and perfectly portable. Even with its protective carrying case, it easily slips into a traveler’s bag or even their pocket. A charger is included in the pack, as well as a free back-up battery pack, so there is no need to worry about running out of battery power while on the go.

The Wi-Fi router itself is incredibly easy to use. Simply turn on the button on the top of the router to activate the device. Turn on your computer or phone and check the list of available networks. Once you find the “JapanWifiBuddy network”, enter the password on the back of the router and begin surfing the web or using your apps. Sessions aren't restricted to time limits, and there is no need to sign in again with the password on subsequent uses.

Over the course of several days, the router was personally tested in a variety of travel situations in the Kanto region (the area that surrounds Tokyo). The Wi-Fi signal never once cut out while riding the Tokyo underground metro system, and was instrumental in allowing me to check differing train schedules on one of the city’s transportation websites. The router performed beautifully in the mountainous Kawaguchiko region north of Mt Fuji, with strong service at several locations around the lake and further in the mountains. It also performed admirably, even while hooked up to the brick charger, when I used it on the bus ride home – a ride that included numerous long expressway tunnels where service normally cuts out.

If your travels take you to Japan, be sure to rent a JapanWifiBuddy router to stay connected while exploring the archipelago.

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JapanTravel Guest 2 years ago
Angelina Dietz 5 years ago
its amazingly usefull. don´t get it why you can only rent something like this in japan and not everywhere
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Very convenient service. And looks like we writers can get a discount! Nice!
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Nice! I am going to recommend this to traveling friends!