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Tatsu Sushi in Narita Airport

Tatsu Sushi serves traditional red rice sushi in a standing only bar in Tokyo's Narita Airport. Located in Terminal 3, Tatsu Sushi is a short walk or free shuttle bus ride from Terminal 2.


On the outskirts of Shizuoka City in central Japan, the leafy Mariko district is home to relaxing Buddhist temples, an interesting craft centre, and a pleasant (and moderately easy) nature walk.

Legoland in Odaiba

In Odaiba in central Tokyo, Legoland has fun rides, displays and hands on activities for children.

Soka Senbei Garden in Saitama

Just north of Tokyo in Japan's Saitama prefecture, Soka Senbei Garden in Soka City offers the chance to make your own traditional Japanese rice crackers.

Sumpu Takumi-Shuku Craft Centre

In the leafy Mariko district close to Shizuoka city in central Japan, Sumpu Takumi-Shuku is a traditional hand-craft arts center, where you can see displays or try your hand at making a range of craft goods.

Momiji Tei by Lake Kawaguchi

Homemade hoto noodles at Momiji Tei, near Mount Fuji in central Japan's Yamanashi Prefecture. Rustic flavour, a hot spring for the belly.

Chisui Museum

The Fukuchiyama Flood memorial museum, also known as Chisui museum, plays tribute to those that didn’t make it, as well as those that did to tell the tale

Kitayamazaki and Unosu Cliffs

Kitayamazaki and Unosu are part of the Sanruku Fukko National Park. Both of the places are high above the Pacific Ocean commanding a panoramic view.


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