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Ordering sake at your favorite Japanese restaurant can be intimidating. It can be difficult to know which bottle and flavors are going to pair best with your food selection. Luckily, Tippsy is here to help us explore the world of sake in a safe and totally fun home-delivered experience.

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Tippsy makes it easy to experience premium sake from home by delivering directly to your door. Even if your knowledge of sake is minimal, you will have no issues as each sake bottle comes with an explanation describing the sake and the best ways to drink it.

Tippsy works closely with Japanese importers and speedy delivery options. They ensure their selections will be both fresh and affordable. The sake box is the first step for most as it provides a variety of 10-oz. mini bottles that represent a wide selection of sake from across Japan. For those who want to get several taste profiles at once, ranging from light and dry to rich and sweet, this is the way to go. Boxes can be ordered in seasonal shipments or you can just try one box. As with all Tippsy orders, delivery is only for the United States and there are a few state restrictions.

In addition to the boxes, Tippsy offers assorted sets, which are perfect for gifts, and single bottle purchase for those who have found their sake of choice. As of right now, there are nearly 300 bottles availableincluding popular sake types such as Hakutsuru Sayuri, Dassai 45, and Kurosawa Junmai to name a few.

We are excited to announce that Tippsy is currently running a campaign with Japan Travel for the month of December, featuring a sake collection from the Kyoto region. We have also collaborated with Miss Sake 2019 (who can be seen in the video below) as one of our guides.

Kyoto has long been famous for its sake culture with a centuries-old traditional style using water from the local Fushimi basin and wells, which are nearly 2,600 feet deep. The Kyoto style of sake is known to have a silky, soft flavor that is well-balanced to pair with foods from all over the world.

Participating Kyoto breweries

Local breweries in Kyoto that have teamed up for this campaign include the following:

Masuda Tokubee Shouten

Founded in 1675 and currently fourteen generations strong—they are one of the oldest breweries in Kyoto, known for inventing a filter that created the first cloudy sake back in 1964. Try the Tsuki no Katsura Yanagi Junmai Ginjo.

Tamano Hikari Brewing Company

Founded in 1673, they are the first revivers of junmai (pure-rice) sake with no additives. Without wavering to trends, they’ve improved their sake flavor year by year with a taste you will never grow tired of. Try the Tamano Hikari Junmai Daiginjo.


A mythological, playful Japanese river imp called Kappa has been Kizakura's mascot since 1955—reflecting their mission to continually provide carefully-crafted artisanal sake that appeals to the masses. Try the Tozai Living Jewel.

Higashiyama Brewing Company

One of the smallest breweries in Kyoto. Using pure water from their well and devoting particular attention to sourcing organically-grown sake rice, their ultimate pursuit is expressing the land’s bountiful wealth. Try the Konteki Pearls of Simplicity.

Joyo Brewing Company

The last remaining brewery in the southern part of Kyoto hasn’t stopped looking to the future—they are the makers of unique sake with a vintage that can be enjoyed like wine. Try the Joyo Tokubetsu Junmai 60.

Yamamoto Honke

Founded in 1677, they are blessed with their own local natural water source called Shirakikusui, which means white chrysanthemum water. Their restaurant across the street is not to be missed either! Try the Shinsei Junmai Daiginjo.

Matsumoto Brewing Company

The spirits of preservation and innovation produce a fresh new take for the sake of the future. Their beautiful brewery built in 1922 also happens to be a national heritage site. Try the Shuhari Junmai Daiginjo.

Fujioka Brewing Company

Founded in 1902—and resurrected in 2002 by the fifth generation owner/brewmaster—their aim is to create a sake as refreshing as a clear blue sky that speaks to your soul. Try the Sookuu Junmai.

Code for a 15% discount on the Kyoto sake collection: japantravel

The Tippsy mission is to make sake simple and fun—and their website helps deliver—with goals to build a large base of sake enthusiasts and encourage a culture where sake can be enjoyed at any dining occasion. Filled with a thriving community of sake lovers, a regularly updated blog, and detailed guides to get you started on your sake journey, Tippsy is the place to be for sake experts and beginners alike. From the very basics exploring "what is sake" to serving instructions and pairing guides, you will find all the knowledge you need to host your next Japanese-themed house party.

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