6.4km Nostalgic Train Trip in Chiba

"Choshi Dentetsu" good old stations and their platforms

By Keigetsu Watanabe    - 1 min read

If you are interested in Japanese local trains, taking the "Choshi Dentetsu" will give you a fantastic experience in Chiba Prefecture. Choshi City, on the eastern edge of the Kanto region, is a 6.4km local train trip. There are also various tourist attractions along this railway line.

The Choshi Dentetsu started service in 1923. We can get this train from JR Choshi station, about 2 hours from JR Tokyo station via an express train. The train operates at a very slow speed and provides passengers with peaceful scenery.

The trip is fun, but the most impressive views are the small stations, especially the station buildings and platforms. They have a very nostalgic appearance of the good old days of Japan, and each of them has its own unique traits.

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