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Chiba Station Expands, Adds Shops

Station adds more than 40 shops/markets after remodel

Visitors to Chiba City can enjoy more than 40 new shops and food stalls after the JR Chiba Station remodel opened at the end of November. Among the new highlights are ramen shops, a drugs store, traditional sushi shops, coffee shops, cafes and a huge Perie market and shopping area in the middle of all of it.

The Perie market area houses everything from an extensive wine and alcohol selection to fresh fish and meat to vegetables and other produce, plus omiyage (traditional Japanese gifts), tempura, sweets, and many other foods.

Below, I picked some of the new shops in Chiba Station.

Shop and Market List

  1. Korokuya - Fruit and hors d'oeuvre
  2. Takagi Foods - Market
  3. Paopao - Dumplings, etc.
  4. Omusubisenka - Onigiri
  5. Tonkatsu Maisen - Tonkatsu
  6. Hanamaru Dining Select - Bento
  7. Salutaria - Juice shop
  8. Matsumoto Kiyoshi - Drug store
  9. Peter Pan Jr. - Bakery
  10. Drip Mania - Drip coffee and sweets
  11. Newdays - Convenience store
  12. Sabot - Soba and noodles dishes
  13. Ginza Cozy Corner - Gifts
  14. Irina - Sweets
  15. Funabashiya - Cakes and sweets
  16. Tokyo Rusk - Omiyage items
  17. Bobby Juchheim - Omiyage items
  18. Kakuchi - Garrett Popcorn shop
  19. The Cows Stand - Frozen yogurt/creamery
  20. Toyama Flower Market - Flower shop
  21. Unau Cafe and Kitchen - Coffee shop
  22. Artisan in Chiba - Artisan foods, etc.
  23. Common Cafe - Cafe (western food)

For more information about the remodel and shops, check out my news article.

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