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Enjoy Your Summer at Tokyo Disney Resort!

Come join the ‘Get Soaked’ programs to blow off the midsummer heat, and enjoy the adorable Duffy and Friends!

Venue: Tokyo Disney Resort When: Jul 4th - Sep 6th 2023

Tokyo Disney Resort, celebrating its 40th anniversary, is holding various summer-only programs from July 4 to September 6, 2023. Enjoy Tokyo Disney Resort's Summer Events, including the ‘Get Soaked’ programs to beat the heat and new entertainments with Duffy and Friends!

In each of the ‘Get Soaked’ programs, you may get splashed with a lot of water on your face, clothes, shoes, and so on. Luggage can also easily get wet, so please plan accordingly! Make sure to keep your smartphones, cameras, and other electronic devices safe from the water. For safety reasons, please do not attend the wet events barefoot, in swimsuits, or without clothing.

Tokyo Disneyland

Baymax's Mission: Cool Down

At Tokyo Disneyland, Baymax, the personal healthcare companion robot from the Disney movie BIG HERO 6, protects guests from the summer heat!

“Baymax's Mission: Cool Down" runs three times a day along the parade route. Baymax is on a mission to raise the energy levels of guests whose levels have dropped due to the heat.

When Baymax detects an area where the guests' energy levels have dropped, the float stops and sprays water. Have your energy revived during Baymax's Get Soaked entertainment program with lively music and splashing water!

Splash Mountain

Speaking of getting wet, you can't miss Splash Mountain!

During the summer season, Splash Mountain offers a special summer version titled "Get Soaked MAX," where it splashes even more water on you than usual. You will surely have an exhilarating and special experience combining thrills and coolness!


Toontown also offers Get Soaked spots!

Do you see the handwritten note on the Trolley Barn's door? It says that Goofy was messing with the plumbing and water started to spray. He fixed the issue with tape... Did Goofy's repair work go well?

Obviously, it was difficult to repair the damage with tape, and water is spilling out from various places!

No matter your age, enjoy cooling off with plenty of water at Toontown's Get Soaked spots, including the Trolley Barn at Jolly Trolley, Toontown Fire Department and Fireworks Factory!

Tokyo Disneyland
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  • 1-1 Maihama, Urayasu, Chiba 279-0031
  • 9:00 - 21:00 (Open Now)
  • ¥4700 - ¥10900

Tokyo DisneySea

Duffy was introduced at Tokyo DisneySea in 2005. This summer, Duffy and his friends will finally gather at the Tokyo Disney Resort for an entertainment program. This is the first summer that you can meet Duffy and his six friends in Japan. Please come and meet them!

Enjoy decorations, entertainment, food, merchandise, and more from adorable Duffy and his adorable friends.

Duffy and Friends’ Smile and Fun

For the first time, Duffy and his six friends will greet guests at Mediterranean Harbor with an entertainment program called "Duffy and Friends’ Smile and Fun," which runs twice a day from July 4 to September 6!

The seven friends are full of unique charm and perform their talents with joyful music. In particular, CookieAnn, the curious dog wearing a chef's hat, Olu Mel, a music-loving turtle, and LinaBell, a pink fox who enjoys solving mysteries, are making their first appearance at Tokyo DisneySea's entertainment program!

The cute and adorable appearance of all seven together will surely warm your heart and make you smile.

Duffy and Friends’ Wonderful Friendship

Cape Cod Cook-Off, a restaurant located at the American Waterfront, has launched a new regular program “Duffy and Friends’ Wonderful Friendship,” offering a Duffy and Friends show and dining experience!

You can enjoy a show in which Duffy and his friends work together to prepare their own special party—showcasing their individual personalities and playful interactions.

The dining show includes a burger, fries, beverages, and an original dessert. The meal will satisfy both your stomach and heart.

Bookings are required for seats in the dining area with a view of the show through Tokyo Disney Resort Online Reservations & Tickets website. So make sure to prepare in advance!

In addition to entertainment, enjoy the lovely Duffy and Friends merchandise, food and decorations.

From July 3 to September 6, "Duffy and Friends Summer Night Melodies" merchandise will be on sale and special decorations will appear at Cape Cod!

Peruse goods featuring Duffy and Friends having a great time under the summer stars with music, and admire decorations showing them enjoying summer in their own way. You can create your own summer memories in Japan with Duffy and Friends!


Tokyo DisneySea also has spots where you can get soaked!

From July 4 to September 6, you can enjoy a special version of Aquatopia at Port Discovery where you can get wet.

Enjoy the thrill of not knowing when and where you will be sprayed with water as you ride on an automatic water beagle that moves in unpredictable ways!

Tokyo DisneySea
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  • 1-1 Maihama, Urayasu, Chiba 279-0031
  • 9:00 - 21:00 (Open Now)
  • ¥4700 - ¥9400


Cold food and snacks are a must to enjoy the parks in the summer. One of the best options is the shaved ice at the Plaza Pavilion in Tokyo Disneyland, which comes in two flavors—Tropical Fruit and Orange and Strawberry Milk—and is served with a 40th Anniversary cookie. Both flavors are refreshing and are must-tries in the park during the hot summer months!

At Tokyo Disneyland, you can also enjoy apple mango-flavored soft serve ice cream and ice cream with Mickey-shaped churros on top.

In addition, both parks also offer cold noodle dishes and drinks perfect for summer. So check the official website and app to enjoy the unique taste of summer!

Summer in Japan is very hot and humid, so make sure to drink plenty of water and take in enough salts! Take time to cool down by visiting cool indoor restaurants, stores, and attractions. It is strongly recommended that you bring a sunshade with you to avoid the heat when standing in outdoor lines for attractions. If you feel sick, please do not overdo it and ask a nearby Cast Member for help!

*Entertainment and facilities may be canceled or their operation statuses may change due to high temperatures or other weather conditions, etc. For more details, please check the official website for the latest information.


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