Mt Nokogiriyama by Ferry & Ropeway

Hiking within a place of extraordinary beauty in Chiba

 By Jessica A Paje   Apr 17, 2014

From the Kurihama Ferry Terminal in Kanagawa, take a relaxing 40-minute cruise on the Tokyo Wan Ferry to Port Kanaya in Chiba. From Kanaya, proceed to Nokogiriyama Ropeway Station, approximately 10-minutes by foot. Upon arrival, purchase roundtrip tickets for 930 yen to catch the cable car departing every 5 minutes. At 329 meters high, Mt Nokogiryama or “Sawtooth Mountain” acquired its distinctive profile from its history as a stone quarry during the Edo Period. Today it offers magnificent views & picturesque spots such as the Hundred Shaku Kannon, the largest pre-modern Buddha, and the 1,500 stone figures of Tokai Arhats.

Photography by Jessica A Paje
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Elena Lisina 6 months ago
I like such places! But in good weather! :)
Victoria Vlisides 8 months ago
Great guide to this hidden gem in Chiba!
Jessica A Paje Photographer 3 years ago
Thank you so much, Tian & Meidiana! The cable car capacity is about 20-25 people. There are a few seats along the perimeter of the car and the rest is standing room only. I'd say you get a better view (and thrill!) when standing and peeking through the windows. :-)
great photos :)
How many people get into one cable car? I see on your picture, there're people who stand inside the cable car
Tian Li 3 years ago
Your composition is great!