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Awa-Amane Seaside Hotel

Relax at the seaside with your pets

Amane at Kyonan seaside is a place that embraces a minimalist aesthetic for adults who prefer just the essentials. Located right on Tokyo Bay, the resort offers a fusion of luxury and activity and offers excellent hospitality. Their condominium-style residences with private kitchens allow you to enjoy your time by the sea in elegant surroundings with opportunities for an active stay.

From the entrance to the garden terrace, you can enjoy a western-style atmosphere where you can leave your shoes on, unlike Japanese-style homes and hotels. The hospitality is brought right to your room. The chefs deliver seafood selections to your door according to your taste and timing. In addition, the public spaces include a lounge with a wine cellar and an ocean terrace with a spectacular view.

The Ocean Terrace is one of Amane's signature places. On a clear day, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Mt Fuji, the Izu Peninsula and Izu Oshima Island over Sagami Bay. The terrace is a great place to relax and unwind with a free drink or two and enjoy the ever-changing views of the sea. The atmosphere is even more romantic at dusk, when the lights are turned on. From the terrace, you can view the breathtakingly beautiful sunsets of Tokyo Bay. As it gets dark, you can observe the lights of passing ships and look up at the stars in a dark sky.

Besides the soothing surroundings for you and your companions, the hotel offers a space for your beloved pets to be able to relax. Each of the three private maisonettes can accommodate up to two small dogs. On the private terrace, there is a dog run with a view for you. You can also enjoy a relaxing bath in the open-air Jacuzzi while keeping an eye on your dog playing in the garden.

Getting there

Amane is 90 minutes by car from Tokyo and from Hota Station on the Uchibo Line it is 8 minutes on foot.


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Kim 2 years ago
So pleased to see more pet friendly options popping up - this is great!
Elena Lisina 2 years ago
With the sea view and fine weather it's a paradise! :)
Justin Velgus 2 years ago
Introducing unique accommodation options and locations will attract new types of travelers and encourage repeaters. This is a great addition!