Soba Dokoro Atago

Handmade noodles in Chiba

By Sleiman Azizi    - 2 min read

Just north of Tokyo in Chiba Prefecture, you would be forgiven for walking straight past the entrance and never noticing Soba Dokoro Atago. Set back from the main street by an orange awning-covered alleyway, this noodle bar in Noda City is about as local as you can get, and has been serving up handmade noodles for over 30 years.

Now do note that there's no English to be had here. But that's okay. With the staff keeping polite as you mistime your noodle slurping, the experience you'll have will be blue collar suburban. So if you are up for a friendly snack and don't mind the authenticity of being the odd one out, Soba Dokoro is for you.

Before you try the food, though, do take take a moment to absorb the retro decor. Yes, you have stepped back into another time here. Wooden stools and tables, traditional styled floor seating and cushions... Of course, adding to the charm is the fact that the staff aren't thinking about appealing to tourists, they're just trying to run a business serving lunch

Ah, lunch. Yes. The bar may be called Soba Dokoro but many people swear by its handmade ramen noodles. The JPY600 price certainly helps. I've yet to try the ramen, having been swayed by the bowl of udon and tempura. An enjoyable JPY980 for that one and worth every yen. The hot pot udon noodle dish at JPY1180 gets the big thumbs up too.

Soba Dokoro Atago is not fine dining. It's a rusty end of the budget noodle bar serving a satisfying lunch and drinks for the locals. If you're after creating your own Japan experience, then a trip to Noda City may be just the thing for you.

Getting there

Take the Tobu Urban Park Line from Omiya, Kasukabe or Kashiwa stations to Atago Station. Head out the exit and turn right at the main road. Soba Spot Atago is less than a minute's walk away.

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Elizabeth Scally 9 months ago
The little obachan that runs the place is a livewire! She knows all her customers and scolds them with a wink. She welcomes first-timers, too with a smile.
Sleiman Azizi Author 9 months ago
Local is good. Especially when scolded by winks.