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Ōtaki Castle

Historic, scenic castle tucked away in rural Chiba

Ōtaki Castle is a historic spot located at the top of a hill in Ōtaki town in southeastern Chiba.

Especially with the blossoming fall colors, it's a place where people can enjoy the history and natural beauty of rural Japan. Inside the castle, which dates back to the Edo period and was built in 1590, is a gift shop and an area where you can try on samurai armor. Additionally, there's floors of historic exhibits. The view from the castle windows overlooks the town.

Outside, you can visit the rock garden that surrounds it. The castle is one of a few major tourist spots in Ōtaki. Another nearby one is Ōtaki Forest. About 2-3 hours by train from Tokyo, Ōtaki Castle is a lovely day trip.

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